CAVILLA Hair Tonic


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CAVILLA Hair Tonic (30ml)

  • Designed specifically for advanced thinning hair


  • How to use:
    • Cleanse: Wash scalp with shampoo and gently rub to remove the dirt and grease on the hair
    • Dry: Fully blow dry your hair. Make sure your scalp is completely dry
    • Apply: Apply a few drops of Cavilla Hair Tonic on areas where you want hair growth
    • Massage: Gently massage product in to encourage absorption of nutrients
    • Consistency: Repeat the steps above twice daily. Your diligence will be rewarded!


  • Benefits:
    • Promote hair growth and regeneration of healthy hair cells
    • Treat hair loss due to dandruff
    • Prevent hair loss and inflammation
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Prevent hair thinning and breakage